Pod Vape Kit Product Review

PAX Era Pro Review

PAX Labs has earned a reputation for making top-quality devices for vaping loose leaf and concentrate. The PAX Era collection currently includes two devices – the PAX Era Life and the PAX Era Pro. Although they’re similar, there are some notable differences between these two devices. This PAX Era review will focus on the PAX Era Pro.

The PAX Era Pro was released in 2020 and it is an upgrade to the PAX Era Life although they look strikingly similar. The PAX Era Pro has a battery that lasts longer. Also, it comes with a Type-C USB port and provides haptic feedback. This device is pretty impressive. It will completely change how you use cannabis oil.

The PAX Era Pro is a pod-style oil vaporizer and it has the same basic design as most pod systems on the market today. There is a battery section and the mouthpiece is built into the pod section. It is a sleek rectangular device with rounded edges. Just like the Era Life, the Era Pro comes with four LED lights arranged in the shape of the PAX logo. You can easily fit this device in your pocket when you’re on the go and use it anywhere. 

The PAX Era Pro can give you more than 250 puffs from a full battery. You may be able to get up to 300 puffs or more. It takes just around 45 minutes for the battery to be charged when it runs low.

The Era Pro is very easy to use. Just attach a pod and you’re good to go. PAX has a range of pods available for this device. Unfortunately, this means you’re limited to the options that the company provides and you can’t put your cannabis oil into the device. It is important to note that PAX replacement pods are quite pricey, but they’re really good. You can choose from different strains. 

The PAX Era Pro comes with two coils. The heating mechanism is designed to heat your oil at a consistent temperature to provide you with a rich, satisfying puff each time. The device doesn’t overheat so the full terpene profile is preserved, ensuring you can enjoy the unique flavor of your preferred cannabis strain to the fullest.

Just like the Era Life, you can connect the Era Pro to your smartphone. The app is no longer available on Apple’s App Store, but there are ways to work around this. The device automatically recognizes any pod you attach and provides recommended temperature settings. You can read about the profile of your chosen pod on the app, and toggle between different temperature settings. You can also set dose control if you choose. One cool thing about the PAX Era Pro is that it has a pod memory feature. The device automatically remembers your temperature settings for all your favorite pods.

The PAX Era Pro is one of the best compact devices for vaping cannabis oil. It doesn’t get overheated so you can use it for a long time without the device getting very hot. The draw is smooth. It isn’t too tight or too loose. Like other PAX devices, the Era Pro comes with a range of safety features. It also has a one year warranty.

You can get the Era Pro for only $70 at the PAX online store. Check out the Herb Company blog to learn more about the differences between the PAX Era Life and Era Pro, and also to find more amazing devices for vaping oil and concentrate.