Product Review

Slim VV Battery Kit by Vapor Tech Review

The best vaping experiences go beyond vape devices. Although it plays a huge role, nothing compares to the feeling of being in total control of every bit of your experience anytime and anywhere. Slim VV Battery Kit by Vapor Tech affords you that precise control to alter your battery’s voltage outputs according to your taste, you can achieve that voltage required to produce maximum flavorful hits when vaping or go for a lower voltage output when you crave softer hits.

Product Description
Slim VV Battery Kit consists of a Slim Variable Voltage (VV) Battery and a USB charger. The Slim VV Battery is a slim cylindrical device that comes with a stylus tip and is available in different colors of black, white, blue, red, pink, and rainbow. The circular feature on the body of the device is the power button, with a LED-indicator ring around the button. It has a battery capacity of 280 mAh, good enough for you to enjoy vaping without worrying about recharging, and better still, it can be fully charged in 50 minutes.

It works with all your Vapor Tech Slim Pen cartridges and Glass Cartridges due to its 510-thread design. You can alternate between voltage levels of 3.4v and 3.7v which is the standard for most cartridges but you don’t have to be stuck there. You can also increase the voltage level to 4.0v. This is good for vaping liquids (or whatever it is) that require different voltages for maximum vape experience. You can also use cartomizers and atomizers with the same batter even with their alternate voltages.

How to Use the Slim VV Battery Kit by Vapor Tech
To turn the battery on or off, you need to click the button rapidly 5 times. If you are vaping a thick oil, you need to begin a pre-heating cycle to warm up the oils. Rapidly click the power button 2 times, when it is activated, to begin the cycle that runs for ~1.2v for 15 seconds. During the pre-heating cycle, the LED-indicator ring around the power button will change colors. You can stop this process early by clicking the power button 1 time.

To control the voltage, press and hold the power button. You are advised to start with the lowest voltage setting and then work your way upwards. To cycle the voltage levels, rapidly click the power button 3 times. The LED-indicator light is your guide during this process. The green light shows that the voltage level is at 3.4v, the blue light shows that the voltage level is at 3.7v and the red light is an indication that the voltage level is at 4.0v. The battery has an 8-second primer that regulates the heating of the oil, to prevent the dangerous scenario of over-heating.

Brand Profile
Slim VV Battery Kit is one of the devices by Vapor Tech. Vapor Tech, USA. This company produces vape devices and accessories to meet the evolving needs of vapers everywhere. Other Slim collections include Slim Twist Kit, Slim Heat Battery Kit, Slim Auto Kit.

The Slim VV Battery Kit can be purchased directly from vaportechusa.comĀ at a discount price of $14.99.

Slim VV Battery Kit is the best way to achieve so much with one device. You don’t have to buy different battery kits with different voltages to have the best experience. You can vape any liquid, anytime and any day.