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A Beginners Guide to Vaping

As a newbie to vaping, it is essential to learn everything you can about electronic cigarettes to have a great vaping experience. To start, let me explain what vaping is.

Vaping is similar to smoking with the only exception that instead of a cigarette, you’re using an electronic cigarette.  An e-cig is a device that produces vapor and simulates the act of smoking a cigarette. One of the most important things in your vaping journey is selecting the right device to use.

Different Types of Electronic Cigarettes

Vaping devices come in different sizes and shapes. However, there are generally three different types: cigalikes, vape pens, and mods. For a novice, it doesn’t matter which type you use as long as you can understand its functionality perfectly. New generation vaping devices like mods can have very complex features. So, it is best to stick to the basics until you’re experienced.

As a beginner to vaping, you will find a lot of starter kits that are just perfect. These starter kits let you vape at ease while introducing you gradually to the possibilities of vaping devices.

Vaping for the First Time

Once you’ve purchased your vaping device and done your research, then comes the moment you’ve been waiting for, how to vape. To start, you might want to do your first pre-vape checklist

  • How to turn your vaping device on – Most e-cig devices, but not all, needs to be turned on. You should have an instruction manual that comes with your starter kit indicating how to turn it on. Many manual e-cigs require pressing the firing button 3-5 times to turn it on.
  • How to produce vapor – Depending on the type of e-cig you have, you may either just have to inhale, or you may simultaneously have to press a button. In fact, with most e-cigs, you have to press a button to produce vapor.
  • Adjusting the volt and the wattage – As a novice, you’ll want to adjust to the lowest setting. This is applicable for e-cigs that have variable settings.
  • Verify that there is enough e-juice in the tank – There is nothing worse than taking a dry hit. It can ruin your coil and wicking material. It is essential, therefore, to verify that there is e-juice in the tank.

After having completed this checklist, you are now ready to take your first puff. Vaping is just like smoking except that you are using a device. Once you are ready, you can turn the device on, put it in your mouth and start puffing. You do not have to inhale hard like with traditional cigarettes.

Whether you exhale through the nose or the mouth does not matter. After a few puffs, you will gain some confidence in the process. If you have never smoked and trying vaping for the first time, take it slowly.

Tips for New Vapers

As you continue to experiment with your e-cig, you will also start to discover the joy of vaping. There are so many e-juice different flavors on the market today. Some of them can be found at

E-liquids come with different nicotine strength levels. The nicotine level that you select will determine the kind of throat hit you will get from an e-liquid. As a novice vapers, it is best to stick with low nicotine concentration levels like 3 mg and 6 mg – unless you were a heavy smoker.

Most e-liquids contain both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). MAX VG e-liquids produce abundant clouds of vapor while MAX PG e-liquids are known to be very flavorful. The more you know about e-liquids and vaping in general, the better you will be at customizing your vaping experience.