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The Best Vape Devices of 2018

In 2003, Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik invented the modern e-cigarette. Since then, vaping has grown to become a global phenomenon.

There have been many remarkable advances in vaping technology over the years. Today, there are versatile, safe, and cheap devices that allow you to have a fantastic vaping experience.

Some Innovative Advances

E-cig manufacturers have placed an emphasis on prioritizing functionality and ease of use. These are some of the areas that have seen a lot of advancement over the years.

  • Better Batteries – Vaping devices depends on battery power to function. Batteries are an important part of e-cigs, so it comes as no surprise that manufacturers are always looking to improve the battery of their devices. Today, the standard is the 18650 rechargeable battery. Some devices use the larger 26650 battery which provides longer life on a single charge. More efficient batteries are being produced every day which have a larger capacity and faster charging time.
  • E-Juice Flavors – It can be said that new e-juice flavors are being invented by the minute. This is one of the competitive areas of the vaping world. One of the best online platforms for getting news on the latest e-juice flavors is
  • Smaller Mod Kits – Improvements in battery efficiency as paved the way for the creation of smaller devices. Mods are getting smaller and more efficient. Small vaping devices allow you to enjoy vaping very discreetly.

Other innovative advances in vaping include improved wicking material and better airflow systems that allow fine-tuning of every puff to your liking.

Some Innovative Vape Devices in 2018

  • The Aspire SkyStar Revvo – This device has a very stylish design and boasts of an OLED touch-sensitive display which eliminates the need for buttons. It has a capacity of 220W and comes with lots of safety features (including overcharging, overheating, short circuit, reversed polarity protection and more) It also has a new type of coil design which is flat and circular. This allows you to maximize the surface area and provide better flavor and more vapor than standard coils. Refilling this device is very easy. You don’t have to take it apart to refill your tank. It has a single spring-loaded filling port, which allows you to refill via the mouthpiece.
  • The Smok Alien 220W – This is a perfect device for both flavor chasers and cloud chasers. The starter kit features both the 220W Alien mod and the TFV8 Baby Tank. It is the combination of Smok’s most sophisticated devices and offers versatile performance. The device features temperature control, OLED display, and dual 18650 batteries.
  • The Vype Pepple – This is one of the smallest vaping devices on the market today. It can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. It can go unnoticed in a pocket. It doesn’t produce lots of vapor, but the flavor is good. This device is perfect for those seeking a discreet vaping experience. At SoupWire, you can keep up to date with the latest innovations in the vaping industry.

Technological Advances

One of the most revolutionary devices in the vaping industry today is the new H5 Kit with water filtration. Although it is not very different from other vaping devices, it is the first electronic cigarette to come with water and juice filtration. The device comes with two tanks. One tank holds e-juice. The other tank is for holding any other liquid of your choice. The second tank can either clean the vapor or add a new flavor. If you add cola or any other drink, the flavor becomes interesting. If you add water, it acts as a filter and provides cleaner puffs.


There are many other innovative devices on the market, and more advancements are anticipated in the near future. For instance, smart mods are getting closer to reality with the advances in artificial intelligence. There are many ways a smart mod can be used. For example, it can provide an analysis of your health while vaping, or automatic airflow control. The advances in technology and the desire of vapers will determine the next big thing in the vaping industry.