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Phix Cool Watermerlon Pod Review

The Phix is one of the most popular pod systems on the market today next to the JUUL. It is a closed pod system with replaceable pods and a rechargeable battery. While the pod is not refillable, there are different Phix pod flavors to choose from including Spearmint, Mint, Butterscotch, Hard Strawberry, Original Tobacco, Ice Tobacco, and more.

The Phix Cool Watermelon pod gives you the juicy, refreshing taste of watermelon. The e-juice tastes and smells like watermelon. You can taste the authentic watermelon flavor in this puff. This makes Phix Cool Watermelon perfect for vaping during the summer. This is a five-star e-juice.

Like other Phix pods, Cool Watermelon comes in a pack of four. Each pof contains 50mg of nicotine level and contains 1.5ml of e-juice. You can get up to 450 puffs before the e-liquid runs out. The Phix is known to produce a bold, delicious flavor thanks to its ceramic wicking and 1.05ohm coil. The device comes with temperature control technology to prevent burnt coils and overheating.

You can get a pack of four Phix Cool Watermelon pods at hazetownvapes.com for only $22. Each Phix e-liquid flavor comes in pods with different colors. For Cool Watermelon, the color is pink.

The makers of Phix e-liquids do a good job in capturing the spot-on taste of their e-juice flavors.

Apart from Phix replacement pods, Hazetown Vapes also sells an array of Phix Disposable vape pens.

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