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Cube – Red Apple Disposable Pod by VaporTech Review

The VaporTech Cube series, designed by VaporTech USA, features disposable pods that are quite easy to use. They are non-refillable and can be discarded after use. Unlike many pods on the vape market, these pods act like mods and sub-ohms in terms of battery power, good heating systems, and flavor delivery. However, unlike these advanced vape devices, the VaporTech Cube is lightweight and can fit in any small compartment.

Aside from the Red Apple which connotes dessert ejuice flavor, the series provide a variety of flavors that hasn’t been explored often in VaporTech devices. You have the Fresas Con Crema (Mexican strawberry and cream treat), StrawNana (strawberries and bananas), Energy (typical energy drink replica) Tropic (fruity paradise), Red Apple (apple and cinnamon), and the Summer Menthol (fruit-menthol splash) flavor.

VaporTech Cube – Red Apple is a dessert-inspired flavor. It makes you feel like you are seated in your grandma’s house, taking a bite out of fresh-off-the-oven homemade apple pie. You vape this, seated comfortably in front of a fireplace and reminiscing about Autumn. This flavor would spark the longing for warm apple cider mix on a cool day in October.

Flavor Description

Juicy yummy notes of freshly picked apples play across your taste buds on the inhale. Gradually, you feel the seasoning notes of warm cinnamon sticks unfold in your palate and down to your throat. The exhale is a perfect blend of both flavors, taking you into a cloud that smells like apple cider. The elements of this flavor are combined in balanced proportions so that the apple is not overpowering the cinnamon notes and vice versa.

Throat Hit and Vapor Production

The VaporTech Cube – Red Apple disposable pod is formulated with 5% nicotine. Be rest assured that every pull delivers a smooth intense hit, laden with apple and cinnamon flavor. You get to enjoy 3000 puffs of delectable flavor notes, without any harshness or burn in your throat. The pod produces sufficient vapor, which is a necessary criterion for a good vape experience. If you are a transitioning vaper, this is a great way to stay off cigarettes for good. The intensity of the flavor and the hit at the back of your throat will amaze you and seal off traditional cigarettes.

Packaging Design

The disposable pod is packaged in a classic black pack, that bears the label of the company ‘CUBE’ and contains details of the device. In the pack, is your prized pod. Designed to appear sleek and attractive, the cuboid-like black pod can fit in your hand. It weighs just 0.4lb. The mouthpiece carries a white protective cover that you have to take off when you need to take a pull. Beneath the pod is an adjustable button that allows you to control airflow out of your device when vaping.

The coil in the device holds better than most disposable pods. It heats up your ejuice at the right temperature and enhances your flavor. Fortunately, you do not have any business with the coils because it is embedded in the device. Your business is just to take a short drag to activate it, sit back and enjoy yourself.


You can place an order for the VaporTech Cube – Red Apple at the company’s online store for $19.99 only. You can also purchase other flavors if you are adventurous. There’s no need to stick with just one delicious flavor when you can get a variety.

If you are looking to purchase vaping devices and accessories, head over to vaportechusa.com.