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Moodtime E-cigarettes Review

What does it take to be considered one of the best online vape stores? Getting access to a vape shop online is always a great way to have vape products delivered right to your doorsteps, saving money and time. There are many online vape stores in the United States alone, each providing s service to the vaping community. However, there is a store best known for its high-quality disposable e-cigarettes, and that is Moodtime USA.

Moodtime LLC is a newly established business that specializes in creating unique disposable e-cigarettes with alcoholic e-liquid flavors. The excellent customer service provided by Moodtime has seen its store billed one of the best online vape stores USA. Moodtime disposable e-cigarettes come with over 20 different flavors, each bears a mark of  premium quality and tastes delicious. You can get up to a thousand puffs from the device before it dies out.

Now one of the first feats of a great online vape store would be the ability to ship your products, and Moodtime provides free nationwide shipping. This is always a good bonus when purchasing products from them. 

Another key feature of a good online vape store would be providing quality products for an affordable price. Moodtime disposable vapes are very affordable. This allows you to save money. You can currently get a single disposable e-cigarette for only $11.99  (15% off its original price), and a 10-pack for only $69.99 (also 15% off).

Getting bulk options for disposable cigarettes wholesalers is another important feature of a great online vape store. If you’re a wholesaler, Moodtime provides cheaper packages for you.

Once you have successfully received your product, Moodtime’s online store takes one step further by providing you with the means to verify the authenticity of your purchase. On their store, there is an “Authenticate” option that anyone can access on the menu bar. Once there, you can input your 16-digit security code that came with your product. If at any point you encounter any difficulties, they have a hotline on the site for you to contact.