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Gambino E-Juice by Nasty X Kilo Review

Nasty Juice and Kilo E-Liquid recently joined forces to create the Nasty X Kilo line. Currently, there are two e-liquid flavors in this series namely Dillinger and Gambino. Both Nasty Juice and Kilo E-Liquid are giants in the vaping industry. These two award-winning companies have different e-juice flavors on the market.

Gambino by Nasty X Kilo is a fruity delight. The two companies combined their craftsmanship to create one of the best fruity e-liquids currently on the market. The taste of this e-juice is sublime and can easily get you hooked.

Flavor Description

Gambino is a mixed fruit e-liquid containing strawberry, orange, and banana flavor. The vape is very fruity and tastes like a smoothie. It tastes very much like a strawnana smoothie. The strawberry and banana flavor are very prominent. This is a sweet, tart, and creamy e-juice that is blended well together. It hits your palates on the inhale. The orange flavor is very subtle and is more noticeable on the exhale. The e-juice is sweet and has a thick and creamy texture. It is very refreshing.

VG/PG Ratio

The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of Gambino e-liquid is 70/30. The vapor production is quite good. It is perfect for cloud chasers seeking to have a thrill with big clouds. Nasty X Kilo’s Gambino has a medium level thickness. This e-liquid can gunk up your coils quickly.

This e-juice has a great balance between flavor and cloud production. There is no need to steep it, but taste is subjective. You can choose to steep this e-liquid if you are not impressed with how it tastes.

Nicotine Strength

Nasty X Kilo offers Gambino with nicotine strength levels of 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. The vape juice has a smooth throat hit. Even when vaping 6 mg of nicotine, the throat hit feels very mild. You don’t get any throat irritation. There is no burning or itching sensation.  If you want a very intense throat hit, you may need to purchase additional nicotine shots.


It is obvious that the people behind Nasty X Kilo put a lot of work into perfecting the packaging design of their e-liquids. This e-juice comes in a cardboard box that reminds me of the Dom Perignon box. It opens sideways and has the Nasty E-Juice wizard and Kilo E-Liquid lady on it. The e-juice comes in a gorilla unicorn plastic bottle with a child-resistant cap. There is a label on the bottle with the same design you will find on the box.


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Gambino by Nasty X Kilo is currently one of the best fruity e-liquids on the market today. Apart from Gambino, the other e-juice in this line is Dillinger. Nasty X Kilo e-liquids will give you a satisfying vaping experience. You can vape them separately or combine them to get something new. Gambino is the perfect e-juice to enjoy whenever you desire something sweet and fruity.

Nasty X Kilo e-liquids are among the best in the industry. The two companies behind this e-liquid line are known for excellence. All their e-liquids are premium quality made from the finest ingredients. If you’ve not yet tried Dillinger or Gambino, I highly recommend these e-liquids. You will not be disappointed.