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The Shocker by Cosmic Fog Review

The Shocker by Cosmic Fog is a combination of different fruit flavors. This is a delightful fruity treat that is perfect for vaping during the hot summer months. All the different flavors in this e-juice come together to create something magical.

When vaping The Shocker by Cosmic Fog, you get the taste of strawberries and different tropical fruits to the inhale. On the exhale, you get a blast of vibrant lemonade flavor. The Shocker tastes very natural. It does not come off as synthetic in any way. You will get the same rich taste with every hit when vaping this e-liquid. The Shocker is certainly an all day vape. The flavor is so good that you’ll likely chain vape on it from the moment that you taste it.

There seems to be a hint of candy flavor in The Shocker by Cosmic Fog. However, it is very mild. This is a very refreshing vape juice. It has the taste of fresh fruits. If you are looking for a tropical e-juice that you won’t get tired of quickly, this is a good option.

Cosmic Fog is located in Orange County, California. This company is one of the leading e-juice manufacturers in the industry thanks to its premium vape liquids and affordable prices.

The Shocker e-juice by Cosmic Fog has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 70/30. This vape juice is neither too light nor too thick. You will have no problems vaping it with a dripper or a tank. This e-liquid is not a coil killer.

This e-liquid creates immense clouds of vapor. Cloud chasers will enjoy vaping this one. You can tell that The Shocker is made with top-quality ingredients because it has a realistic taste.

The Shocker by Cosmic Fog is available with different nicotine strength levels. You can get this e-juice with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. The version with 0mg of nicotine will not give you any throat hit or nic buzz. If you want a good throat hit, you are better off going for the 6mg or 12mg version. There is no recommended nicotine level. You have to experiment to find the nicotine level that works for you.

The Shocker has the same appealing packaging design that is used for all Cosmic Fog e-liquids. This e-juice comes in a clear glass bottle with a childproof dropper cap. There is a label on the bottle with the Cosmic Fog logo and other information about the product like the flavor name, VG/PG ratio, nicotine concentration level, bottle size, and more.

The Shocker is just one of many e-liquids in the Cosmic Fog series. Some of the others are Chewberry, Sonrise, Sonset, Chill’d Tobacco, Milk & Honey, Kryptonite, and more.

A 60 ml bottle of The Shocker by Cosmic Fog is selling for only $20.99 at smokingthings.com. This is an affordable price for this e-liquid. Smoking Things has a vast array of e-liquids from some of the most popular brands in the industry. What’s more, the company offers excellent customer service and quick delivery of orders.