E-liquid Review

Raspberry Creme Brulee E-Liquid by Northland Vapor

Raspberry Creme Brulee is a rich e-juice that will make your taste buds water. This Northland Vapor e-juice is unique. Raspberry Creme Brulee is a blend of raspberries, cream Brulee, and some notes of booze. The delicious taste of this vape juice hits you immediately you take your first puff. Raspberry Creme Brulee tastes exactly like its flavor description. This e-liquid does not taste artificial. You can tell that this is a high-quality vape from the moment you taste it. You can smell the raspberry flavor when you open a bottle this e-juice. If you have a thing for raspberry and cream, you will enjoy vaping this e-juice. Raspberry Creme Brulee can easily become your new all day vape.

Raspberry Creme Brulee by Northland Vapor has a sweet taste that will suit vapers with a sweet tooth. Although the raspberry flavor in this e-juice stands out, you can also taste notes of the sweet Creme Brulee flavor. If you are not a fan of overly sweet e-liquids, you may not be able to vape on Raspberry Creme Brulee for a long time. With that said, this vape juice is not overly sweet. When vaping this premium e-juice, the ripe raspberry flavor hits your taste buds on the inhale. The raspberry flavor has a sweet and sour taste. On the exhale, you get the sweet and smooth creme Brulee flavor. The sour taste of the raspberry flavor that you get on the inhale complements the sweet Creme Brulee on the exhale.

Raspberry Creme Brulee is a MAX VG e-juice. This dessert vape juice has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20. This vape juice is a little thick. You can choose to vape this e-juice with a sub ohm tank or with a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA).

Raspberry Creme Brulee will give you massive clouds of vapor that cloud chasers will love. This e-juice also has a pleasant aroma that is quite lovely.

Raspberry Creme Brulee is made with high-quality nicotine, so it is not harsh on the throat. This vape juice comes with different nicotine strength levels. You can buy Raspberry Creme Brulee vape juice with either 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg, 18mg or 24mg of nicotine. This e-juice will not give you a throat irritation. It has a smooth throat hit that makes vaping it a pleasant experience.

Raspberry Creme Brulee e-liquid is manufactured by Northland Vapor Company. This US-based vape juice manufacturer produces all its e-liquid flavors using premium quality ingredients. Northland Vapor has some of the best prices on the vaping market. Apart from Raspberry Creme Brulee, Northland Vapors has other e-liquids like Earl Grey Tea, Pink Lemonade, Blue Razz, Loopies, Mint Chip, Cuke Mojito, Tangerine Dream, Pineapple Upside-Down Face and 555 Tobacco.

Raspberry Creme Brulee has a beautiful packaging design. This e-liquid comes in different bottle sizes; 30ml and 120ml. The e-juice is packed in a plastic bottle that you can use to fill a tank or put drops of the e-liquid on your coils. There is an elegant red label on the bottle with the Northland Vapor logo and some other useful information about the product. You will have no issues filling your tank or putting drops of this vape juice on your coils.

You can buy Raspberry Creme Brulee and other Northland Vapor. You can get a 120ml bottle of this e-juice for $14.99 while a 30ml bottle is going for $6.99. You will enjoy excellent customer service when you buy from the Northland Vapor online store. The company also provides quick delivery of orders. You do not have to wait long for your e-liquid to arrive.