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FreeMax Mesh Pro Review

The FreeMax brand is known for its classic vaping products. This company has different devices on the market. Some of the most popular products in the FreeMax collection is the FreeMax Mesh pro-sub-ohm tank.

 The FreeMax Mesh Pro is a powerful sub-ohm tank, arguably one of the best around. You are sure to have a pleasant vaping experience using this tank. 

 You can purchase different FreeMax products from West Coast Vape Supply. FreeMax Double Mesh Replacement Coils are sold for $15.99. You get three coils per pack.

The tank is big with a diameter of 25mm. This tank will fit most mods on the market. The FreeMax sub-ohm tank can hold 5ml or 6ml of e-juice. Another perk of this Mesh Pro tank is the ease of refilling; all you have to do is push the red dot on the top cap. The filling port is big and large enough to fit almost any vape juice bottle. Another cool feature of the FreeMax Pro is that it’s leak-proof.

The FreeMax Mesh Pro has two large airflow ports at the base. With this sub-ohm tank, you can turn the airflow control ring to choose how much air comes into the system. At the top of this FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank, is an 819 drip tip.

The single FreeMax coils are made from Kanthal and have a resistance rating of 0.15 ohm. The recommended wattage range of these coils are 40W to 70W.

• Quintuple Mesh Kanthal Coil: FreeMax wasn’t satisfied with quad coils, so they decided to raise the bar by creating a quintuple coil. This coil has a resistance rating of 0.15 ohm and a wattage range of 80W to 110W.

• Single Mesh Stainless Steel Coil: Unlike the other coils, this single mesh stainless steel coil is designed for temperature control vaping. It has a resistance rating of 0.12 ohm and a temperature range of 400°F to 550°F.

The coils above coils are compatible with the FreeMax Mesh Pro, the FreeMax FireLuke Tank, and the FreeMax FireLuke Pro Tank. FireLuke mesh coils are also compatible with these tanks.

• Triple Mesh Kanthal Coils: The triple mesh coil is just as powerful as you imagine. The coil has a resistance of 0.15 ohm and a recommended wattage range of 80W to 120W.

• Quad Mesh Kanthal Coil: The quad mesh coil has a resistance of 0.15 ohm and a recommended wattage range of 80W to 120W.

• Double Mesh Kanthal Coils: If you want more power than the single mesh Kanthal coil provides, then this is your next best option. It has a resistance of 0.2 ohms and a recommended wattage range of 60W to 90W.

West Coast Vape Supply also offers fast shipping services. All orders are sure to arrive on time. This company works with FedEx and USPS for shipping.