Suorin Air Pod Vape Kit - The AIO Device Everyone is Talking About
Pod Vape Kit Product Review

Suorin Air Pod Vape Kit Review

Ever since pod systems came into the market there were a lot of devices claiming to be the slimmest. The Suorin Air seems to leave al of them in the dust. The device is marketed to deliver one of the most discreet pod-style vaping experiences You can be enjoying your favorite ejuice and the next person beside you probably would not have a clue. In the past Suorin brought the vape market to a halt with the Suorin Drop. They are back again with the Suorin Air’s innovative design

The Suorin Air Design

The Suorin Air takes on a wider rectangular shape that is quite unlike the other pod devices before it. The device is incredibly light even with ejuice in it so it feels comfortable when you hod it in your hand. The device is so small that you can slip it into your wallet in place of your credit card. Suorin Air Pod Vape Kit - The AIO Device Everyone is Talking About

The Suorin Air is a simple AIO device that is incredibly easy to get the hang of, even if you are completely new to vaping.

The device uses a micro USB port on its base to charge the devices 400mAh battery in a matter of minutes. On the side of the device, there is an on/off switch that makes it easy for you to pick up, turn on, and inhale. There is also an LED light on the body that serves as the battery life indicator so you know just when you need to power up your device.

The Suorin Air Pod is made of plastic and features a 2ml ejuice tank. It goes in at the top of the battery and is held in place by magnetic connectors that keep it there so it does not wiggle when you vape. To refill the tank you would need to remove the pod from the battery, unplug the rubber stopper on the base of the ejuice tank and refill with your favorite ejuice. Seal it up, snap the pods back in place and you are ready for another round of vaping.

The coil is built into the tank so if you get a burnt coil, you have to change the entire pod. Luckily, the Suorin Air pods are available on Ejuice Deals and at an affordable price. Suorin Air Pod Vape Kit - The AIO Device Everyone is Talking About


At first, when you take a drag, you may be surprised how well the Suorin Air performs. It is a mouth-to-lung device that pulls its own weight in delivering good flavor. The Suroin Air can handle high VG ejuices just fine. As a matter of fact, Suorin recommended high VG ejuices as the optimal juice for this vape device.

Since it is an automatic device, you will not have any issues adjusting to vaping especially if you are a transitioning smoker. 

Considering how small the device is, the vapor production you will get is still quite impressive. If you are a cloud chaser, you probably may not get your satisfactory vapor experience. After all, the device is not built for clouds. Rather, it is designed to give newbie and experienced vapers the taste of a stealthy device.

So, if you fancy small vape devices like the Juul, this Suorin Air was designed to suit you just as much. 

Price and Availability

A good pod mod can be everything but it should be affordable. The Suorin Air pod vape kit is priced at $49.99. However, on Ejuice.Deals, you get to save a whole 64% off the actual price. This means that you will be buying it at $17.99. 

If you fancy aesthetics, the Suorin Air is available in a plethora of color options. You get to choose from Red, Gunmetal, Black, Grey, Silver, Gold, Navy Blue, Key Lime, Rose Gold, Diamond Blue, Pink, and Teal Blue.

What’s in The Kit?

  • 1 x Suorin Air Pod System
  • 1 x Refillable Suorin Air Pod
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Users Manual


In the end, the choice comes down to you. The Suorin Air pod vape is a promising pod system. If you are looking for a stealthy pod system to complement your outings, the Suorin Air is a worthy option.