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PHIX V2 Basic Kit Review

The PHIX is one of the best closed pod systems on the market today. The device is virtually the same as the original PHIX. I guess the only difference is that it comes with a 320mAh battery while its predecessor had a 280mAh battery.

Like other pod devices, the PHIX is easy to use and portable. It has a stylish design, which is quite lovely. It has a hexagonal shape, which makes it easier to hold it in a tight grip. There are no buttons on the PHIX; it is draw-activated. You can get the PHIX V2 Basic Kit from the Hazetown Vapes online store for only $22. PHIX replacement pods come in a pack of four, which costs $19 at this vape shop.

The PHIX V2 is pretty portable. The dimensions of the device are 19mm by 110mm by 10.75mm. It can fit into your pocket or bag without any difficulty. The device has an anthracite ceramic finish, which is a nice touch. I don’t think that the ceramic coating has any functional purpose, but it certainly adds to the aesthetic appeal of this device.

Like most pod systems, the PHIX is made up of two sections; there is the battery and the pod, and both are detachable. As indicated above, the PHIX has a 320mAh battery. You can get up to 300 puffs from the device before the battery runs out. Depends on how frequent you vape, you may not need to recharge this device more than once daily. There is an LED light on the PHIX, which doubles as a battery life indicator. The LED flashes whenever you take a puff. The light that the LED shows reflect the battery level. If it shows blue, it means you have a full battery. Orange means the battery is around 50 percent. Red means the battery is low and you need to recharge.

The PHIX comes with a proprietary magnetic charger, just like the JUUL. It takes around 30 to 45 minutes for the device to go from empty to full. The PHIX supports pass-through, so it is perfectly safe to vape while the device is charging.

Another reason why I love the PHIX is that there are many e-liquids to choose from when shopping for PHIX pods. Apart from the six original PHIX pods, there are also INFZN pods and Dinner Lady pods. PHIX pods have a capacity of 1.5ml. You can get up to 440 puffs from each pod before the e-juice runs out. The pods are designed with a ceramic wick as well as temperature control technology to ensure that you get the true flavor of your e-juice with each puff. Each PHIX pod comes with 5 percent of nicotine salts.

The PHIX vapes smoothly. The flavor intensity of this device is quite good. There is no spit-back or leaking even when you put the device down sideways.

If you are in Canada and you are looking to get high-quality vaping devices and accessories at affordable prices, Hazetown Vapes is the number one choice.