How-to make E-liquid without getting burned
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How-to make DIY e-liquids safely

First of all, Yes! It is possible to make vape juice from the comfort of your home. You don’t need some sci-fi-inspired laboratory. Also, Yes! it is possible to make vape juice without any accidents. We will discuss why safety is important and what can go wrong. Enthusiastic vapers are already making their own vape juice. So there is nothing stopping you from making your own DIY e-juice.

If you are thinking about DIY e-juice, then it means you are looking for much more than what regular commercial e juices offer. It is possible to make a 100% personalized vape. From the type of flavor profile to the strength of the individual flavors, to the thickness of the vapor, etc. You can do all this from your house and whip up a fresh batch of unique vape juices as frequently as you want.

Since vape juice contains chemicals, it is important to know each of them and how to use them properly.

DIY Vape Juice Supplies

Before you begin to think about making vape juice, remember to get all the necessary supplies. Safety, as they say, begins at home. In this case, it begins with you getting the right supplies. They not only help you mix in a more organized way, but they also protect you from chemicals that may be harmful to your skin.

Let’s get right into the supplies you will need:

  • Storage Bottles 

Yes, storage bottles because you need something to keep the e-juice when you are done. If you are going to be making large quantities of e juice, then you want to get plastic bottles since they are less expensive.

You also need to label your storage bottles so you do not end up mixing e-juice flavors. You can label your storage bottles once you have filled them with your e-juice and leave them to steep until you are ready to enjoy your vape juice.

  • Gloves

Since you are going to be working with chemicals, do not overlook the need to wear gloves. You can buy a box of dispensable latex or rubber gloves from any drug store. The gloves will protect your skin from the harsh chemicals you will be working with, particularly nicotine. Nicotine is easily absorbed by the skin and can lead to irritation or rashes. Prevention is better than cure. Save yourself a trip to the clinic and just wear a glove.

  • Face Mask/Goggles 

If you will not be making e-juice in large amounts, you may not need this. Never underestimate the complications that can result from a spill in your eye. Nicotine is not just hazardous to your skin, it is also hazardous to your eyes. So do well to keep your face and eyes protected at all times.

  • Syringes

When mixing your ingredients, syringes help you to be accurate with your proportions. With a syringe, you can take accurate measurements no matter how little. Make sure you have one syringe for each ingredient you will be working with.

You can buy a 10-30ml syringe for your base and a 1ml syringe for your nicotine and flavor concentrates. Also, using a syringe reduces the likelihood of spilling chemicals all over the place which in turn keeps you safe. You do not want to end up spilling your flavoring or not getting the percentages right.

Yes, you can make vape juice in your house without hurting yourself in any way. DIY vape juice is not as hard as you probably think. You should always make sure to get high-quality supplies and ingredients. For example, some flavorings you may want to work with may not be suitable for e-liquid. However, at, you can get flavorings that are created specifically for e-liquid.