Vaping Review

A72 Disposable Vape: What Makes This Vape by AAOK Vape The Best?

A72 disposable vape is a sophisticated, affordable device that gives reliable performance. It is a suitable device for beginners and accustomed vapers. This review looks at the top feature that makes this rechargeable disposable vape a must-have for any vaper. Let’s begin…

About AAOK Vape

AAOK Vape is a China-based E-cigarette manufacturing company that was founded in 2008. The company utilizes research and development to create premium, high-quality vape products at the most affordable prices. This wholesaler adheres to strict manufacturing standards to ensure the final product is reliable, high performing, safe, and durable. AAOK Vape provides OEM and ODM services to its customers, depending on their needs, budget, and preference. This company is ISO-certified and passed the intellectual property management system certification in 2017.

Product Description

Mesh coil 

A72 gives voluminous cloud production with a perfect balance of flavor and vapor. This is made possible by the fitted mesh coil. A mesh coil provides a faster heating rate and produces a smoother flavor and vapor for a seamless vaping experience until the last puff.

Rechargeable battery

A high battery capacity of 500mAh is also an added feature that increases your experience. With this powerful battery, the A72 disposable vape can fire 6000 puffs. With this battery, the A72 can last a few days of vaping. This battery is rechargeable via a Type C port at the bottom of the device, ensuring you never miss your daily dose of nicotine until the vape juice runs out.

Quality assurance 

Quality assurance is another important feature that you should consider when choosing any vape gadget. How safe is it? What measures have been taken to ensure high performance and that the materials are top tier? AAOK Vape has been in the vaping business for over 20 years. All products pass through a 5-step quality check process from when the materials enter the factory until the packaging stage.

Vape juice capacity and puff count

A high pod capacity of 18ml ensures you enjoy long-lasting vaping sessions without interruption. With this high pod capacity, A72 can last weeks, giving you value for your money. The vape juice is infused with 2% nicotine to ensure your cravings are sorted. This device gives up to 6000 puffs, one of the highest.

A wide range of mouthwatering flavors

A72 disposable vape has tantalizing flavors that excite your taste glands within the first puff. It has a wide range of flavors, most being fruity and savory. You can easily customize your flavors by mixing a few of your preferred tastes. These flavors include watermelon ice, grape, strawberry ice cream, and cola ice. Each flavor gives you a unique taste that makes your experience extraordinary.

Wattage output

A72 disposable vape is a low-voltage device with 11w power, enough to give you a great experience in every puff while creating a perfect balance of flavor and vapor. If you want a high-quality disposable vape perfectly crafted to soothe your taste buds with incredible flavors and unique features, the A72 is your best shot.

Where to purchase the A72 disposable vape

The A72 disposable vape is available directly from the AAOK Vape website. This is the leading wholesale distributor of premium vaping products. AAOK Vape offers OEM and ODM services at reasonable prices ranging from $1.8 to $3.5 per vape, offering 600 to 20,000 puffs. Visit the site today and enjoy great prices, high-quality products, and satisfactory customer service.