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Advertisement In The Vaping Industry: Perks of Using A Professional Ad Firm

All you need is wonderful marketing to bring your wonderful product in front of potential clients if you have a terrific product. Whether you’re a startup or an established vape company, internet marketing may be challenging. Ecig Media is a well-known advertising firm specializing in the e-cigarette industry. They handle all of the legwork for you and link you with all of the industry’s top publications so you don’t have to. The company says that it may help you reach over 10 million vapers each month.

A Brief Overview of Ecig Media

Since 2008, Ecig Media’s in-house publisher websites have produced over $12 million in vape-related sales, making them a well-known and highly recommended vaping advertising agency. Since its inception, they’ve managed to successfully gather not just advertising skills, but also knowledge of the vape industry, technology, and customer service, so you can rest assured that your success is in excellent hands.

Because of their stellar reputation in the vaping industry, all of the biggest vape-related publishers have merged into a single technological platform, making vape advertising for your business much easier.

Let’s get started with what they offer

Ecig Media, unlike other marketing organizations, not only knows how tough it is to advertise the vaping industry, but they also know what works. Display advertising, influencer marketing, and search engine optimization are just a few of the services offered by Ecig Media (SEO). In other words, they assist you in effectively and efficiently managing your advertising so that you may focus on other things.

Using their display advertisement service, you may advertise your company’s products and services on their publisher websites. You may re-engage with your clients and visitors almost everywhere on the internet with retargeting. Thanks to geo-targeting, even brick-and-mortar businesses may now reach their offline customers online using their global network of vapers and smokers. You can still reach out to your audience and connect with them in new ways when they leave the ECig Media publisher sites, guaranteeing that you never lose a single lead.

You may already be acquainted with the term SEO or search engine optimization. Simply said, SEO is the act of enhancing a website’s exposure in search engines like Google, Bing, and others. As a result, more individuals will be able to find your brand’s information, products, and services online. If you ask a lot of professionals, they’ll tell you that SEO is a good long-term approach. The more internet visibility you can achieve, the more attention you’ll get, and the more opportunities you’ll have to recruit new vape consumers and keep existing ones informed.

Ecig Media assists you by writing evaluations in the form of articles. These are testimonials for your goods and services. Each review is optimized using common vape keywords to ensure that the articles stay on Google’s first page. To boost the number of backlinks, the articles are also placed on a multi-tiered linking program. This improves your brand’s visibility by ensuring that the articles get indexed considerably faster.


With Ecig Media, your products and services will be listed on all of the leading vaping websites, including Vaping Cheap, eCigclopedia, The ePipe Forum, The Vape Trader, and others. Their services are geared for vape entrepreneurs and publishers alike. ECig Media can help you grow your business, whether you need more consumers or money.

They also offer a platform that functions as a community of freelancers that are willing to work remotely for you. If you like the idea of getting money right away by doing simple online tasks like writing a blog post, assessing a product, giving a shoutout on Instagram, and so on, you can sign up as one of their vape freelancers right now.