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Citrus Nicotine Pouches by Niin Review

Zero tobacco nicotine pouches are getting high popularity nowadays because of their portability and easiness to use. These pouches contain synthetically manufactured nicotine instead of tobacco-derived nicotine. Tobacco-derived nicotine contains several contaminants including carcinogens whereas synthetic nicotine is pure. Carcinogens are the main cancer-causing element that can affect your health badly. The absence of carcinogens made these zero tobacco nicotine pouches much popular quickly. A lot of people switching from nicotine pouches that use tobacco-derived nicotine or grounded tobacco leaves. You can find several zero tobacco nicotine pouches from different brands on the market. As of now because of the quality and effectiveness of pouches, Niin is one of the market leaders. Citrus nicotine pouches by Niin is one of the fast-moving products on the market now.

Citrus chill zero tobacco nicotine pouches are completely free from tobacco, smoke, odor, and of course, spit-free. Most other nicotine pouches are made with generic tobacco-derived nicotine while citrus chill pouches from Niin are made of synthetic nicotine that is not derived from any part of the tobacco plant. Citrus chill zero tobacco nicotine pouches by Niin are sweet and its icy menthol and citrusy flavor will deliver a refreshing experience. The portability of these pouches made it easy to carry along with you even while you are traveling. You can consume it discreetly whenever you feel a craving for nicotine. It is the best hand-free alternative to tobacco smoking.

Administration of these zero-tobacco nicotine pouches is very easy. Just place a pouch between your lip and gum. Leave it for a while to get the nicotine absorbed into your bloodstream through the glands in the mouth. You can feel the effect of nicotine within a few minutes after placing. Citrus chill pouches are moist portion pouches that never use saliva to activate the nicotine in the pouch. It will automatically activate the nicotine almost immediately after placing. Most other similar pouches are dry portioned, so need saliva to activate nicotine. This makes the consumer spit frequently while using the pouches. You have to keep the Niin pouch inside your mouth for 10 to 30 minutes. You can dispose it of once you feel it is not delivering any more flavor or nicotine.

Cellulose, tobacco-free nicotine, salt, sodium, bicarbonate glycol, vegetable glycerin, potassium sorbate, acesulfame potassium, and sucralose are the main ingredients used in Citrus chill pouches. In addition to citrus chill, cinnamon, cool mint, spearmint, and wintergreen are the popular zero tobacco nicotine pouches on the market by Niin. Citrus chill is available on two nicotine strengths, 3mg, and 6mg, so you can select your preferred strength while purchasing the pouches online. Niin Pouches are available for sale on their website for an affordable price. You can buy a can of citrus chill pouches containing 20 pouches for just $4.49. If you want to save some money, you can order a pack of 5 cans for just $21.45. Value packs are available for those who are looking to buy in bulk quantities. Fast delivery services are provided to their customers through USPS to all states in the US where nicotine pouches are legal.