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How to Steep E-Juice

Steeping is a process that allows the flavors of your e-juice to blend. This simply enables the complete absorption of the flavors into the liquid. Steeping can be described as fermentation. The alcohols dissolve and the flavors uniformly permeate in the liquid. Before placing vape liquids into bottles they go through the cycle of steeping. Although this may be the norm, a lot of people who vape believe it’s more enjoyable to go through the steeping cycle to improve the flavors as much as possible.

Steeping can be compared to making your tea. The teabag is dipped within the water to produce tea. The longer the teabag sits in the tub, the more flavor is released into the drink. Just like making tea, the longer you steep your vapor, the stronger the taste. And the result is clear, like a cup of tea. Steep e-juices contribute to darker and thicker, and more flavorful blends.

Check out the steps below on how to steep e-juice

  1. To begin with; shake your e-liquid bottle vigorously for three to five minutes. It takes more than a quick shake to get all of the ingredients well blended. The better you mix things, the better your results will be in the end.
  2. Secondly, it is important to find a cool, dark place to store your liquids. Heat and sunlight coming through your e-liquid bottles and interacting with the chemicals inside are not so good. What will happen is it will cause a breakdown of the ingredients and may even cause them to separate once more. This would be counterproductive to your steeping efforts. The best way to steep is by placing your newly shaken e-liquid bottles inside a cabinet where they will be stored.
  3. Perform check-ins weekly. Give it a short test every time you check on your liquid. If it isn’t ready for your enjoyment yet, shake it up again and put it back in its place of rest. You can repeat this twice or three times, depending on how far the liquid progresses. Just note that there is an expiration date for your material, so you don’t want to plunge past the intended date. The exact amount of time required to steep your liquid successfully will vary from liquid to liquid, and depending on your tastes. Two weeks is plenty of time for most people to get their e-liquids steeped properly, and ready to go.
  4. Document everything. If you’ve mastered steeping a specific e-liquid you can write down the steps you’ve taken and the timeline you’ve been using to duplicate it. Since each flavor steeps differently, you’re going to want to keep track of how long each one needs to rest for maximum production.

When you make your do-it-yourself e-juice, letting it sit and mellow will almost always result in a smoother, mellower taste. The flavorings you have selected will have the ability to match or blend well, to use a fine cuisine expression. To be a great e-juice chef, you will have to practice in your quest, because some flavors will mellow out to the point of disappearing while others can reward your efforts. To get the best result, using different methods using heat vs. no heat, or some other steeping process.

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