E-liquid Review

VapeJoose Water Melon E-Liquid Review

Vaping has steadily gained attention and has become quite popular nowadays. One of the benefits of vaping is that you get to taste the different flavors in addition to tobacco, when you choose a flavored e-liquid. And when it comes to e-liquids, VapeJoose is one of the leading manufacturers of premium flavored e-liquids.

For cheap vape juice, you can definitely try out VapeJoose’s online portal. Their online service portal is time tested! Moreover, all products are categorized. They provide all the details of the e-liquids on their website, so that you can check them out before you buy anything. This not only makes them easily accessible but also helps you to choose a product. In addition, if you have any questions, the online support can answer them.

One of the most popular products of VapeJoose is Watermelon E-Liquid. With this fresh watermelon flavor of e-liquid, you can enjoy the scent and taste beyond the summer picnic or beach day. In fact, you can carry it anywhere you want, and bask in the smell of ripened watermelons. If watermelon makes it to your shopping list then the VapeJoose Watermelon E- Liquid might be the best fit for you.



When it comes to watermelon, especially in e-liquids, one of the problems that arises is that either the flavor is too sweet, or too bland. However, with VapeJoose’s watermelon e-liquid, you don’t have that problem. If you don’t like Water Melon juice from the      VapeJoose collection then steeping might be an option.

In order to steep, keep it away from sunlight and heat. After a week, you can check the e-liquid and see its progress. Generally fruity flavors do not require any steeping before use, however, depending on your tastes, you might want to steep it.


Nicotine Strength

The nicotine strengths of VapeJoose Watermelon E-Liquid are 0, 3, 6, 12 and 24 mg. These are the five variants, 0 mg has the lowest nicotine content and 24 mg has the highest nicotine content.


Vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol ratio is referred as the VG/PG ratio. As per the market standards, you have three options while choosing a product, these are 50%, 70% and Max VG. VapeJoose’s Watermelon E-Liquid is a max VG e-liquid.

Throat Hit

VapeJoose products have mild throat hit. VapeJoose Watermelon E-Liquid guarantees a scent of sweet and fresh watermelon with each puff irrespective of its nicotine content. Even the vapor leaves behind lingering smell of fresh watermelons.

Vapor Production                         

The thick vapor produced by VapeJoose gives it a special place in the market. These vapors are thick and last long. This accompanied by the fragrance, makes it popular among consumers. In VapeJoose Watermelon E-Liquid, you can smell the sweet and ripened watermelon. It might make you nostalgic about your childhood summer times.


VapeJoose Watermelon E-Liquid is available in three sizes. You can buy it depending on your requirement. The smallest available size is 30ml and the biggest is 120ml. A 60ml variant is also available in the market. The packaging is simple yet attractive. On the label, the flavor details along with the VG/PG ratio and nicotine content is mentioned.


The price depends on the bottle size. The price of 30 ml, 60 ml and 120 ml bottle are $6.99, $9.99 and $12.99 respectively. They have sales on certain occasions, and you can get free shipping when you buy products worth $30 or more.

Final Words

VapeJoose is a renowned name in e-liquid market. It has gained a good reputation because of its quality and the wide range of flavors. The other great thing about VapeJoose products is that they don’t damage your e-cigs. They won’t hamper the coil or stick to different parts.  With VapeJoose, you can be sure to have the best flavors around at a lesser cost compared to the other vendors. So, if you are in search a sweet watermelon flavored premium e-liquid, and in no way want your flavor to be too sweet then VapeJoose Watermelon Premium E-Liquid is the one for you. Give it a shot and you won’t be disappointed!