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Smok TFV8 Baby X4 Coil Review

The Smok TFV8 X4 is one of the best coils currently on the market. It offers great performance. When you have a powerful mod, and you need a coil that will allow you to enjoy the full capabilities of your device, the TFV8 X4 does not disappoint. Smok offers the TFV8 in a pack of five.

Smok TFV8 X4 Coil Specifications

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Kantal quadruple heating element
  • Resistance 0.15 ohm
  • Wattage range 30Watts – 70 Watts (recommended wattage range 45 Watts – 60 Watts)

About The Smok TFV8 X4 Coil 5-Pack

The TFV8 X4 comes in a colorful cardboard box that has the image of the coil in front and at the back the specification and other information. The TFV8 X4 replacement coils nicely packaged like capsules.

The Smok TFV8 X4 Baby is a quadruple coil. When you look inside the coil, you’ll notice the cotton are wrapped on the wire in the form of an eight with two big holes. There are four slots on the side of the coil. It uses organic cotton. The resistance of this coil is 0.15 ohm. It has a wattage range of 30 to 70 watts, but the recommended wattage range is 45 to 60 watts.  The coil will give you consistent flavor and fantastic vapor production.

To fix the coil inside the tank, you’ll have to unscrew the bottom of the tank and take out the pre-installed coil, then place the new one and tighten the screw. Once you’ve fixed the coil, you can slide the hinge of the tank and fill it up with e-juice.


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The TFV8 X4 is among the best coils from Smok. If you’re using a Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Tank, you have the option of five different coils from Smok; the Smok TFV8 T8, the Smok TFV8 M2, the TFV8 Q2, the TFV8 T6, and the TFV8 X4. Each of these coils provides a unique vaping experience.

The Smok TFV8 X4 Baby Coil is one of the best for cloud production and great flavor. It is recommended for both professionals and novice vapers. The performance of this coil is consistent with each puff.

Smok is a flagship brand of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation Ltd. It is also known as Smoktech. The company is well-known worldwide for pushing the boundaries of high-tech vaping.  Smok is one of the oldest and progressive companies in the vaping industry. This company was the first to introduce the use of dual coils and adding Bluetooth to vaping devices. Smok is also the first company that raised the bar for cloud production in sub-ohm tanks

Smok started operations in 2010. It’s located in Shenzhen, China. The company has many high-tech devices on the market such as the Smok H-Priv. Its products are widely popular worldwide and are among the best you can find.

The Smok TFV8 X4 has a long lifespan. But as every vaper knows, even if a coil is good, you’ll have to change it from time-to-time. With the TFV8 X4, even if you’re not vaping the same vape juice, it can last you for up to a week.