E-liquid Review

Top 8 Weird E-Liquids That You Must Try

Years ago, the vaping industry was only seen as a fledgling market offering a niche product that would not last long. Surprisingly, its fate headed in the opposite direction. In fact, the vaping industry turned out to be one of the fastest growing global sectors. The market is expected to be worth $32.11 billion by 2021.

The demand for healthier options to smoking has helped the industry grow. Also, the wide variety of e-liquid flavors can be quite appealing. There are some flavors that are very popular in this industry like menthol and fruits. But, if you love adventure as I do, then join me to review these unique e-liquids.

Here are some of the craziest e-liquid recipes you can find on the market today.

1. The Elvis

Most reviews have placed The Elvis by Firebrand on top of the list of weird e-liquids, and it is pretty understandable why. This vape liquid is inspired by Elvis Presley’s very own signature sandwich. It contains bananas, bacon, and peanut butter. It has a nice savory taste and there is also some sweetness to it. This vape juice has been described as sexy and weird, a perfect representation of “The King.”

2. Crab Legs

“Seriously?” This was probably your reaction to this e-liquid.

Crab Legs e-juice by EC Blend gives you the unique taste of this seafood in vape form. The smell is really strong. It will remind you of walking through a fish market. As for the taste, all I can say is wow! This is a true crab leg e-juice. I wish another flavor was added to somewhat balance the taste.

3. Beer

Imagine drinking a beer and vaping an e-juice with beer flavor at the same time. Beer e-juice is another product from EC Blend. It has a nice beer flavor. However, the initial taste is similar to grapes. The aftertaste is also quite weird. Also, the immense clouds of vapor it produces will remind you of an old dive bar. If you are curious, you can give this a try, but it is not highly recommended. Stick to drinking beer instead.

4. Not-Cho Cheese Fauxritos

The weird name of this e-liquid can be a turn-off , ut its flavor is easy to love. This vape juice is a limited edition blend by Apollo. Movie or game nights will only get better as this e-juice offers a salty, cheesy chip flavor that is dipped in a bowl of scrumptiousness. Chip lovers, dig in!


5. Red Bull

Sounds crazy, right? Who would ever think the famous energy drink can be turned into vape form? The good news is this vape juice from Vape Wild tastes almost the same as the real drink. It is a bit sweeter with a citrus aftertaste. What is interesting to note is that this e-liquid can also energize you, giving the same vibe as the drink itself. Red Bull lovers need to give this one a try.

6. German Chocolate Beefcake

Reading the flavor name, you would probably think that this vape liquid is made of German chocolates and beef. But you are wrong about that. This e-juice, however, is really for chocoholics. It has a chocolatey flavor that is mixed with caramel. And the bonus taste? No, it is not beef. It is coconuts. Yup! Welcome to the weird-zone.

7. Hot Dog

Hot… what? No one cares if you want it on a stick or in a bun, just do not vape this. Hangsen’s Hot Dog e-juice is just so wrong on many levels. The flavor is far from a real hotdog but close to garbage. Even adding some condiments like mustard or ketchup will not salvage this. So if you are up for something deliciously weird, crash this vape juice off your list.

8. Stoned Smurf

Alien Vapor will not just settle for its Wacky Tobacky flavor e-juice, it created another pot-flavored delight called Stoned Smurf. This e-juice has that classic pot flavor but with a tinge of blueberry taste. It delivers a sweet, tangy, and weedy taste to your mouth.


There is a long list of unique flavors out there. Some are weird, others unique, and a few just do not deserve to be tasted.