Vape Pink and Propaganda Review

Just as the name sounds, the vape pink has become very popular in the vape marketplace. The vape pink and propaganda was established in Irvine, California as a premium brand that produces vape juice. With the help of the Propaganda manufacturing company of e-liquid, vape king has accomplished a lot of breakthroughs in creating vape juice with amazing flavors.Cookie Butter | Vape Pink by Propaganda | Vapecentric

Each flavor of the vape pink e-juice has a unique taste that will satisfy any vaper’s desire. Whether you are a fan of creamy or mixed fruits flavor, the vape pink will be something similar to your favorite taste. The Propaganda e-liquid company, which was established in 2014 by Nicholas Denuccio and Nicholas Bull is known for producing a collection of high-quality vape products that are subjected to a high evaluation process to bring out the best. With the utilization of different ingredients, vape pink has produced a lot of e-juice that satisfies vape customers globally. 

Vape Pink is known for bringing out a large collection of sweet flavors. From candy chew to melon blast flavor, Vape pink has created tons of remarkable e-juice products with amazing flavors. Vape Pink has been in this business since 2014, as the leading producer of e-juice products. Products of the vape pink have dominated almost all the online vape stores globally, such as the Westcoast vape supply.

They always aim in utilizing effective ingredients to produce vape products. With the massive reputation that vape pink has obtained in the vape marketplace, they have a promising future of leading among the best producers of e-juice.  

Products Features

  • Nicotine level: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.
  • Content Package: gorilla dropper bottle
  • 70% VG ratio
  • 30% PG ratio
  • Pack size: 100ml (differs based on flavor)

Flavor Description

Vape pink produces the best flavors with the use of your favorite sweet flavors to stimulate your taste buds with sweetness. The vape pink products can be bought from a reputable store like the Westcoast vape supply.

Here is the list of Vape Pink and Propaganda e-juice flavors:

  • Cookie Butter: The cookie butter contains your favorite oatmeal flavors. So, if you happen to be missing the recipe of your mama oatmeal? Then, you won’t need to wait before tasting the cookie butter flavor. The cookie butter is made with a combination of delicious brown sugar and smooth milk. The taste of this flavor will no doubt satisfy your taste buds and stimulate your lips with the sweetness of your favorite oatmeal flavor.Propaganda Vape Pink Cookie Butter ejuice | Premium E-Liquid
  • Chew Flavor by Vape Pink: Are you missing the different unique tastes of sweet candies? This flavor provides the unique taste of the sour and sweet flavor of chewing candies from childhood in the form of vape juice to give your taste buds all the sensation it needs. With the use of this strawberry candied flavor, you will feel like you are having your childhood favorite.
  • Swirl: The amazing sweetness of this combination gives this flavor the ability to supersede other flavors with its taste. A simple sip of this flavor will give you a taste of a sweet sherbet ice cream. The taste of ice cream along with a blend of lime and orange will bring all sweetness as you vape.
  • Whipped: The Whipp’d flavor by Vape Pink is exactly as the name sounds. The flavor gives you a taste of different fruits along with a blend of fluffy whipped cream. If you have a thing for different fruits. The Whipp’d flavor will give you an ending taste of different fruits as you vape.

The above list of Vape Pink comprises the best e-juice flavors that any vaper won’t want to miss. These e-juice flavors can be purchased directly from an online store like the Westcoastvapesupply at a price rate of $12.99 per 100ml bottle, which can differ based on flavor types.