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Orange Mango by ZoNk Review

The vaping industry is thriving, and there are thousands of brands and e-liquid flavors on the market. You can find e-liquid flavors of some of your favorite foods. Fruit flavors are trendy among vapers and manufacturers alike. As you can expect, the quality levels between e-liquids may differ. Some vape juice brands are reputed for their ability to produce premium e-liquids. While others are notorious for having e-liquids that do not taste anything like the flavors, they should contain. The market is also packed with e-liquids that taste harsh like they contain chemicals.

Juice Man is an e-liquid manufacturer based in the United States. This vape juice company has its lab based in Los Angeles, California. And Juice Man sells high-quality e-liquids of different flavors. You can buy e-juice flavors that include Coffee, Chocolate, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Candy, Dessert, and more. Besides e-juice, Juice Man USA also sells e-liquids that contain nicotine (Nic), Salts. Juice Man uses only the finest ingredients in production. And regardless of the kind of e-liquid you prefer, there is a chance you will find something awesome in the Juice Man collection.

One of the best e-liquids in the Juice ManĀ  collection is Orange Mango. This vape juice is part of the Zonk brand. This brand of e-liquids has different flavors that blend fruits and candies. Apart from Orange Mango, other flavors in the Zonk brand are Cotton Candy, Mixed Berry, Watermelon Strawberry, and Pink Lemonade. This e-liquid collection comes with colorful packaging.

Orange Mango is a superb e-liquid and arguably one of the best in the Zonk collection. This e-juice will appeal to vapers who enjoy fruity flavors. You get a delicious blend of tart oranges and sweet ripe mango when you vape Orange Mango. Besides these two flavors, there is also the unmistakable taste of pink chewy candy. Orange Mango is the kind of e-juice that will leave your mouth watering throughout the vaping process. If you are looking for an e-liquid that you can vape all day long, then you must try Orange Mango.

Orange Mango by Zonk contains some of the finest ingredients that include Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). This Zonk blend contains 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG. And you can vape Orange Mango using a sub-ohm tank or with a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). If you enjoy blowing massive clouds of vapor with every hit, then you must try Orange Mango.

Orange Mango also contains high-quality nicotine at different concentration levels. This Zonk e-juice comes with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg of nicotine. Orange Mango does not have a harsh taste, like many others blends on the market. You get a smoothness when you vape this e-liquid.

Orange Mango by Zonk comes in different sizes: including 100ml and 500ml. Buying a bottle of Orange Mango is easy, all you have to do is check your nearest vape shop. Another way of buying this e-liquid is via the juicemanusa.com. This online vape shop sells a 100ml bottle of Orange Mango for $24.99. You can also get e-juice wholesale deals buying from this shop. This company has fast shipping services, and you get free shipping all orders with the US.