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The Top Trends in the Vaping Industry in 2018

There have been a lot of developments in the vaping industry this year. New regulations have been introduced, and there is an ongoing debate about vaping. However, it is clear that vaping is on the rise. Many people are turning to e-cigs as an alternative to smoking. There have been many innovations in the vaping world in 2018. Most vapers follow e-liquid blogs and other online vaping platforms to keep a tab on the latest developments. In this post, we’ll look at some of these trends.

Trends in the Vaping Industry in 2018

  • Device Improvements – There have been many improvements in the vaping industry this year including more efficient devices.

Perhaps the most significant technological improvement in this vaping industry this year is the water filtration system of the new H5 starter kit. This technology is expected to be widely adopted by other manufacturers in the coming years.

The H5 is the first electronic cigarette in the world with water/juice filtration. The kit consists of two tanks, one for holding e-liquids and the other for any other liquid of your choice. The water filtration system heightens the flavor of your e-juice and gives you cleaner hits.

  • Heat-Not-Burn – This technology has been around for some time, but came under the spotlight in 2017. This year, more vaping devices have been released with heat-not-burn technology. This technology is for devices used to vape dry herb. Heat-not-burn ensures your dry herb is heated to release vapor without any combustion.


  • Nicotine Salt –  There has been a huge demand for e-liquids containing nicotine salt this year. Nicotine salt is very different from freebase nicotine. It can be consumed in very high levels and still give you the same smooth throat hit. Also, with nic salt e-liquids, you feel the nicotine buzz quicker. More e-juice manufacturers are expected to start using nicotine salt. You can find more e-juice info and keep up with the latest trends in the industry by keeping a tab on vaping blogs and other online forums.

Some Other Trends

  • Juuling – There have been lots of reports about the use of e-cigarettes devices among teenagers, particularly Juul pod devices. This trend has been described as Juuling.


The Juul pod is a very small starter kit. It is about the size of a cigarette, and the design is quite sleek. Juul pods are very popular. This has led to a rise in the appeal of portable devices.  Some of the latest small e-cigs on the market provide the same vaping experience as advanced mods despite their small size.


  • Vaping Culture – This year, vaping companies are increasingly promoting the vaping culture by creating paraphernalia.



There are many other trends this year, but these are among the top developments in the vaping industry in 2018. E-cigarette manufacturers such as Aspire, Smok, and Innokin have released devices this year. These devices come with new and improved technology that improves your vaping experience. Some of these improvements include longlasting batteries, better OLED and LCD et cetera.

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