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How to Get the Best Flavor from Your Vape Mod?

Some vapers chase clouds, others look for flavors. You will find a lot of articles on how to create humongous clouds of vapor when puffing. However, guides on maximizing the flavor on your vape mod are scarce. So how can you get the best flavor from an e-juice using our vape mods?

  1. Adjust the airflow

Some vapers tend to disregard the importance of adjusting airflow when flavor chasing. If you want more flavor, consider closing off the airflow so that less air passes through your coil. This results in a denser and warmer vape that is filled with more flavor. Adjusting your airflow for maximum flavor can be tricky. It may take some trial and error to get it right.

Aside from airflow, the position of airflow holes can also make a difference. Airflow underneath the coil provides a direct path for the air to enter straight into the mouthpiece, thereby improving the flavor.

  1. Choose your wicking material wisely

The wicking material and coil wire in your tank can also affect your e-juice flavor. Silica was the standard wick in the vaping industry for many years, but materials like cotton and ceramic are gaining popularity.

Next to the wicking material is your coil wire. There are different types of metal wires available on the market, including Kanthal, stainless steel, nickel, and titanium. Both Kanthal and nickel (Ni200) are recommended for flavor chasers.

  1. Tweak your power settings

Merely adjusting your wattage and temperature settings can change the taste of your e-liquid. It is surprising to note that different power settings produce varying flavor intensity. Some flavors tend to dominate at particular temperatures.

For beginners, start at a low wattage until you reach what many vapers call the “sweet spot.” Make sure your wattage setting is compatible with the type of coil you are using. If you are looking for the best sub ohm tank for flavor, check out online vaping blogs like The Vape Snob.

  1. Battery life is life

The richness of your e-juice flavor tends to weaken as your battery runs low. Also, some standard, non-variable batteries perform better than others. Consider getting your battery from a reliable manufacturer.

  1. Size of your mouthpiece

Some do not think this is important, but the size and shape of your mouthpiece also matter. A standard narrow bore drip tip can boost flavor compared with a wide bore one. Although the difference is not that sharp, you can notice a little improvement.

  1. Clean your coils

Sometimes it is not about the setup, but dirty and clogged coils are to blame. Clogged coils can alter the flavor of your vape juice.

  1. Quit smoking max VG vape juices

If you are a flavor chaser, consider getting vape liquids with a VG/PG ratio of 50/50. High PG e-liquids have a more distinct flavor.

  1. Refresh your palate

There is a phenomenon known as “vaper’s tongue.” which occurs when your senses become numb to your favorite e-juice flavor. If you think you are starting to suffer from flavor fatigue, take a break from the e-liquid you are vaping and try something different.

Consider refreshing your palates by smelling fresh coffee beans, eating citrus, or hydrating yourself. Also, alternate between e-juice flavors to keep things interesting.

There is no such thing as one size fits all solution to get the best flavor from your vape mod. Hopefully, you found these tips helpful.

For newbies who have not decided which vape mods to use yet, head over to The Vape Snob for information about the best vaping devices on the market and where to get them at affordable prices. Whether you are a newbie or seasoned vaper, cloud chaser or flavor chaser, this blog provides some valuable resources.