E-liquid Review

Some Weird E-Liquid Flavors That Actually Exist

How weird can an e-juice be? Well, some of them are pretty odd. Here are some e-juice flavors that are weird and great at the same time. Who knows, you may grow to love them.

Crab Legs

We’re not sure why anyone would want to make a crab leg e-juice or why anyone would want to try it. But it seems that there is some demand for this e-juice.

This e-liquid has a strong seafood smell. It will remind you of taking a stroll through a fish market on a hot and humid day. The taste of this e-juice is comparable to biting into a shellfish.

There are worse e-liquids out there, but this is one of the strange ones.

So if you are looking for something fishy, you may want to try this vape juice.


Surprisingly, there are a lot of bacon e-liquids on the market. So, I guess there is a big demand for it from bacon lovers. Yes, who knew people want to enjoy bacon flavor while vaping.

While lovers of bacon e-liquids find the flavor to be a real treat for the taste buds, others have compared the taste to bacon fat mixed with burnt leather.

If you love bacon, then it could be worth a try. Although, you might find that, rather than tasting like actual bacon, the flavor is more like licking out the frying pan after you’ve cooked some bacon. I strongly suggested that you eat bacon to get the taste of the real thing.

Hot Dog

If the idea of a hot dog e-liquid sounds like a terrible idea. Just like bacon, this hot dog flavored e-juice is quite weird.

This e-juice is not something I think I would find myself vaping any time soon. With that said, if you have a thing for hot dogs, you may enjoy this one.

I think no amount of ketchup, fried onions, or mustard could salvage this e-juice for me. Some foods shouldn’t be made into e-liquids – and this is one of them.

Birthday Cake

Happy birthday to you, now let me blow some smoke into your face!

This e-juice is a combination of vanilla cupcake, yellow cake, and whipped cream flavor. This is one of the unique e-liquids on the market.

While it is sweet, it is not too sweet. This is one to try–whether it’s your birthday or not. This birthday cake e-juice steals the show!

Pecan Pie

A strong contender in the Thanksgiving pie battle, pecan pie is creamy, crunchy, sweet and a little bit savory e-juice. This e-juice tastes like a slice of pecan pie.

In fact, Pecan Pie is perfect for vaping after a big dinner. It is just the type of e-liquid to enjoy when you want the delicious taste of pie, but you don’t have room in your stomach for another mouthful. What a way to cut down on calories!

This Pecan Pie e-juice is a combination of butter pecan, Graham crackers, brown sugar, Kentucky bourbon, and vanilla flavor.

The Graham cracker flavor comes through towards the end. It is as tasty as it sounds.

These are some of the craziest e-liquid recipes on the market. There are many more.

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